API Flanged Pressure Sealing Gate Valve

Main Features:

For application in fields such as electric power industry, petroleum, tap water engineering in urban construction, chemical engineering, etc.
1、The sealing faces of valve seat and valve clack are build-up welded with hard alloy to improve the erosion resistance and extend the service life of valve.
2、The pressure self-sealing is adopted between valve body and bonnet for reliable sealing, where the higher the pressure is, the better the sealing performance would be.
3、Rising stem structure, making the valve switch position be clear at a glance
4、The valve stem thread will not come into contact with the medium, so the corrosion of medium to the thread is reduced.
5、Small switching moment, reliable sealing
6、The slide is of wedge type, resilience and good sealing performance.
7、For small wedge resilient gate valves, the interchangeability can be ensured with process tooling.
8、Through improving the structural design and selecting reasonable packing structure and qualified packing supplier, the valves can meet the Class A sealing test requirements of ISO 15848 FE.