API Pressure Sealing Globe Valve

Man Features:

The pressure seal valves are designed in accordance with BS1873 and ASME B16.34 for service of high temperature and high pressure and are widely used in fossil fuel power plant. Compared with bolted bonnet joint valves, it provides absolute reliable sealing of the bonnet joint, so that the pressure seal valves are more compact and rigid as well as maintenance cost-effective at high temperature and high pressure service.

The two openings for medium flowing in and out are in the same direction, forming an angle of 180°. In addition, at seat and disc seal surface are over-lay with iron-base alloy or Co-base alloy or carbide alloy for long duration. For large size valves will be designed with main disc and vice disc type, and medium flow from up disc to down disc, that the operation torque will be greatly decreased and the seat tightness performance are more reliable.