Product Specification
1.The body is casted as whole,it is more relaxed to open,easier to replace the sealing ring,more convenient to maintain than slurry.
2.Back sealing is graphite or PTFE,the sealing is the best.
3.The polishing treatment on the gate surface can enhance the sealing and prolong life-span of packing and seat.
4.Products are widely used in paper making,sugar,mining,metallurgy,chemical industry,electric power,water treatment,etc.

Cast iron Knife Gate Valve

Cast iron Knife Gate Valve
1. Certification: ISO9001, API600, CE, TS
2. Size: 2″-24”, DN50 ~ DN600
3.Pressure range: 0.6MPa,1.0MPa,1.6MPa,ASME 150LB
4.The main material: Cast iron, Ductile iron
5.Temperature: -29 ~ + 120 ℃
6.Operation: electric, gear boxes, pneumatic, hydraulic
7. Brand Name: GANGYE or OEM
8. Guarantee: 12months
9. Suitable medium: Suitable for ash, sludge, coal slurry, slurry, sewage and other solid, liquid-solid, gas-solid two-phase medium transport system, especially for coal thermal power plant pebble system.
Product Specifications
Design specification: GB / T8691 MSS SP-81
Face to face: GB / T12221 MSS SP-81
Links Standard: JB / T79 ASME B16.5
Pressure Test: JB / T8691 MSS SP-81
Product Signs: GB / T12220 MSS SP-25
Delivery Specification: JB / T7928 MSS SP-81
Kinds of Knife Gate Valve Opreation
Can offer all the type of actuators and manufactures,manual,electrical,peneumatic and pneumatic-hydraulic.
Penumatic Actuator
The pneumatic actuator of knife gate valve is usually straighe travel and double action,while installing set of handle,it clould open/close the valve by handle once the pneumaticis broken;it is extremely suitable for being applied fast open/close and frequent open/close.
It could realize the remote automatic control depends the working situation with the accessories included solenoid valve,air strainer and limited switch.
Electric Actuator
The electric actuator of knife gate valve is support the rotary actuator,conventional1380v voltage(220 v to be customized)The electric actuator is competewith handle,the handlecould open/close the valve once no power,It could effective control the medium to prevent the accident happening.
Chain wheel
The Chainwheel actuator of knife gate valve is installed on the pipc in the air,It must keep the chain and sprocket parallel while operating,do not pull 90 degrees.
Bevel Gear
The bevel gear of knife gate valve is very easy to open/close.
Electric& Hydraulic Actuator
The electric&Hydraulic actuator of knife gate valve open/close through the reciprocating come true far distance,high air and dangeranceor process control.The normal voltage is 380V,also could custom-made 220Vor 660V.
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