wafer type butterfly valve


1. The disc and shaft are connected without pin to reduce the leakage between them and achieve on-site replacement. It also can achieve optimal fit and open torque transmission by using O-ring sealing on the shaft.
2. With polishing and precision machining on the sealing surface of disc, it can achieve a completely concentric sealing, lower the opening and closing torque, extend the service life and reach bubble-tight grade sealing. Streamlined design can minimize pressure loss.
3. The seat is equipped with backrest, and the torque is stable. Customers can choose the rubber and PTFE in different kinds of materials. The outer edge of the rubber can lengthen the face to face of the body to replace the flange gasket. The integrally molded O-ring is set in the shaft hole for sealing.
4. The seat has no skeleton. The unique swallowtail design allows the seat to fit the body completely, effectively squeeze the seat deformation force and act on the body instead of shaft to avoid torque rising. The waterline design on the end face of the seat can play a better sealing performance during working process.
5. Double semi-shaft design can ensure larger flow rate per minute, and work for a long time without breakdown.
6. Good economic benefit due to its simple structure, easy operation and strong repeated usability of the removal parts.